Manyguide is the free app that uses artificial intelligence to assign questions to 600 real local experts, who provide help, right when you need it. The company was founded in 2014 by two old friends, Maarten van den Biggelaar from Amsterdam and Gunter Boutsen from Brussels, who wanted to help anyone exchange the kind of location-based city advice they’d been giving each other for years. Manyguide launched in the App Store in December 2015 and is now available for Brussels and Amsterdam.


Manyguide is de gratis app die u toegang geeft tot 600 lokale experts, op het moment dat u ze nodig heeft. Het bedrijf is in 2014 opgericht door twee goede vrienden: Maarten van den Biggelaar uit Amsterdam en Gunter Boutsen uit Brussel. Zij wisselden jarenlang tips uit en wilden die ervaring naar een hoger niveau tillen. Manyguide is sind december 2015 gratis beschikbaar in de App Store voor Amsterdam en Brussel.


Manyguide est l’application gratuite qui vous permet de rentrer en contact avec 600 experts locaux au moment où vous en avez besoin. L’entreprise a été fondée en 2014 par deux bons amis: Maarten van den Biggelaar d’Amsterdam et Gunter Boutsen de Bruxelles. Ils voulaient partager à plus grande échelle les conseils qu’ils s'échangent entre eux depuis des années. Manyguide est disponible dans l'App Store Apple depuis décembre 2015 pour Bruxelles et Amsterdam.

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Maarten van den Biggelaar is a serial entrepreneur, traveller and gourmand based in Amsterdam. In a previous life Maarten was the founder of Quote, the Dutch Elle, Planet internet and the Box. Maarten loves to find the truly great restaurants of cities. That’s why he loves Manyguide.
Gunter Boutsen loves cities and unplanned time, that’s why he created Manyguide. He lives in Brussels. Previously, he worked on, a crowdfunding platform for storytelling, and has spent most of his professional career in telco, media and finance.
Colin O'Brien has been online far too long. He still remembers his Fidonet node number, the dotcom bubble and the hamster dance. He trained as a typographer and has worked in on- and offline design, marketing and software development. He loves coffee, hates writing bios and one day hopes to control the whole internet.
Thomas Balthazar is the developer in charge of the backend. In the last 14 years, he has been focused on web and mobile applications, most recently on Cryptocat and Kickoff. He also co-runs a micro-label called b.y. records.
Tom Maes is in charge of the Manyguide app. He has been building software and leading technical teams since the dawn of the web, for clients ranging from early dotcom start-ups to Fortune 500 multinationals. He lives in Stockholm, Sweden and misses Belgian cuisine.



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