What if your customers could reach the right person immediately?

Time to consider intelligent expertise-based routing

How it works

  1. Natural Language Processing automatically detects what the question is about
  2. The question gets sent to the right person with the matching knowledge
  3. That person can then start answering or chatting from any smartphone or PC

Next level advice & support

  1. No need to work in a contact centre to help people. Other staff members, community members, or partners can start offering advice as well.
  2. Lower costs and faster response time due to intelligent routing
  3. Improved experience by automatically matching & ranking the right experts. Experts who get good feedback get the next question first.
  4. Possibility to integrate knowledge base and mobile payment systems.
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Allow staff, partners or members to give advice from any smartphone or PC

  1. Responsive interfacing for experts to answer or chat
  2. Messaging system for mobile notifications and/or mail
  3. Invite & register module for experts
  4. Optional: app interfacing

Lower costs and improved experience with intelligent routing

  1. Responsive interface to ask questions
  2. NLP module for categorising questions
  3. Intelligent routing module with expert-user ranking algorithms
  4. Possibility to route unanswered questions to the in-house second-line team

Offer insights & stats to better understand what it is, that generates questions

  1. Admin dashboard
  2. Metrics & analytics
  3. Feedback module

In use


An APG initiative that allows Dutch citizens to discuss their pension & financial matters with independent experts. Kandoor has switched to Manyguide's solution.


600 residents in Brussels and Amsterdam are helping other residents, expats, and tourists with questions about where to find, do, or discover things.